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Tiba2 nak story sikit pasal kelas elp yg berlaku petang tadi... kami ada 7 group, setiap group diberikan kertas di dalamnya ada diberikan story yg berbeza. jadi dari setiap group itu perlu membuat seperenggan ayat untuk menyambung story2 tersebut. sangat simple, menghiburkan dan membantu mantapkan grammar kitorang disamping meningkatkan idea pemikiran yg kreatif. walaupun ada yg group tu karang cerita sampai nak lari tajuk...tapi itu yg jadi lawak sesuatu cerita tu..huhu ni la salah 1 story yg telah dihasilkan oleh 29 kepala yg suma rata2nya otak geliga ! yg 2 paragraph awal tu yg asalnya..semakin ke bawah korang scroll, makin tak tahan gelak nak bacanya.. ah malas nak cakap lebih2..baca sendiri lagi enjoy the story~ =D


            The widow had to work hard to bring up her little son alone. This was after her husband’s early death. She and her son lived in a wooden house. It was a small house with only one bedroom and a kitchen.
            Mariam wanted Adam to study hard to get good results. So she would not let Sam help her do any household chores or wash his own clothes. They years flew by, Sam sat for his SPM examination and passed with good grades.
            After he passed his SPM examination with good grades, he continues his study at University of Cambridge. His mother proud of his success but at the same time she feel sad to let her son go for making a better life.
            But Mariam can’t let Adam feel upset because she know that Adam feel really excited and happy to continue his study at Cambridge University. Adam promise to his mother that he will study hard and do the best in his study. He won’t let his mother disappointed. But Adam worry about his mother because no one will look after her when he studies.
            Adam came with the great idea. He has a friend named Zaid. His friend’s father is also a widow left by his wife two years ago by an accident. One day, Adam and his friend, Zaid arranged their parents first meeting with the hope of they will begin the romantic love story.
            Adam and Zaid set a blind date for them. They spend a lot of money to set a romantic dinner for them. That day was coming. They so excited. On the first meeting, they look surprised as they know each other. Adam and Zaid thought that their parents have fall in love at first sight. So sweet!! They looked like a perfect match.
            It was a mistake. Suddenly, Zaid’s father flips the table! He looks really angry and his face turns red. Adam and Zaid really shocked. Adam’s mother cried and runaway to outside. Adam and Zaid was speechless. They don’t have any idea what’s happening. They want to ask but none of them have the courage to ask. Lastly, Adam stands up and asks. “What happen? Is anything wrong?”
            Zaid’s father said, “You know that, I really hate the green color? Why she wearing that dress with green color??? It is so ugly. I hate that!” suddenly, Zaid’s father looked sad. “You know, because of this green dress, cause your mom death?” “So, I do not want this happen again”. It is really hard to face whom you love already died. Zaid and Adam was speechless. Even Zaid, do not know this story. But they know, Zaid’s father was in love with Adam’s mother.
            Zaid call Adam to tell truth. Adam know already why Zaid’s father angry just now. Adam tell Zaid that his mother can accept what has happen. After a few weeks later, Zaid’s father came to Adam’s house. At that time, only Adam’s mother at home. Adam’s mother was shocked. At the same time Zaid’s father trying to propose. Adam’s mother was really happy because finally there was a person want to take care of her after his husband die. After a few minutes later, Adam come back home. Adam’s mother tell Adam what was happened just now. Adam was happy and really grateful.



  1. hahaha..terbaek r...story bez dlm klas td..perenggan plg merepek sal Adam n Zaid arranged their parents first met n sal bju wane ijau..terbaik dpt dak klas cmni..weeee~~ :P

    1. haha dah boleh jd short story ppismp 3a <3

  2. rugi tak dpt ikut klas ELP hari ni :(

    1. omomomo...xpa la viet..nxt week ada ld..nti kmu boleh buat summa crita..hehe :p


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